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eLoran is Enhanced LORAN. This is going to be big trouble for users of the 2200 meter band. The signal is 40-50 KHz wide and as you can see from the pictures below is a real problem for the small 2200 meter band.

Current testing schedule is at this link. They didn’t shut down during the weekend as promised. This happened in late October also. See below…..

Good Link for an eLoran description, thanks John (WG2XKA/WA3ETD).


(Click on picture for greater detail.)

eLoran 2015/11/07

eLoran on QS1R SDR   

eLoran, wider scan on QS1R SDR. Notice second harmonic.

The effect of eLoran on 2200 meters WSJT-X waterfall.

The effect of eLoran on 2200 meters Elecraft K3/P3 waterfall.

eLoran in the time domain at 100.000KHz

eLoran in the time domain at 136.000KHz.

Some time after 3:00PM EST local, the eLoran went off the air.

QS1R screen shot after eLoran QRT. Note apparent 2nd harmonic mentioned about is more likely the TV, not the eLoran. Good news I guess.

WSJT-X waterfall.

Time domain after shutdown of eLoran.